We solve problems for people and businesses.

We provide advice and counsel to clients on the best way to resolve a problem before it becomes a lawsuit.

We go to court.  When people are not able to reach a satisfactory resolution, we file a lawsuit in the appropriate court or take the case to arbitration, if that is better for the client or required by law in a particular situation.

We negotiate settlements.   We work with you to bring your case to an effective resolution.

We try cases.   The courtroom is where cases that cannot be settled are decided.

Our lawyers have tried hundreds of cases to jury verdicts.  Our trial experience is unmatched in Western North Carolina.  Please browse our Success Stories for Examples of our results.

What we don’t do:  transactional work.  We do not prepare wills, incorporate businesses, or handle real estate closings.  We do assist clients in resolving disputes about these and other transactions.