We handle a wide variety of serious personal injury cases, including catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, medical malpractice, and car, truck, bicycle, and motorcycle crash cases. We have tried hundreds of cases and settled many more.  Three of our partners started their careers doing insurance defense work.  This included defending insurance companies and their drivers/owners in automobile liability cases and defending people and companies in many other types of liability cases.  After many years, we switched to representing victims in car crash cases and other negligence cases.

To recover money damages in a personal injury case you have two options –  You can settle or you can win a jury trial.  If trial is not an option, then you are likely to be settling for an amount closer to the figure some insurance company has placed on it. Our lawyers try cases as needed – a fact known to most defense attorneys and insurance carriers in this area.  On the other hand, we advise settlement when it is the best option for the client.

Car Accidents, Crashes, and Collisions

Many of the cases we handle are car accidents caused by the negligence of the other driver.  Lots of lawyers claim to handle car accident cases; we are sure you have seen the ads or maybe even received a mailing at home. Car accidents are relatively easy to settle, that is if you are not too particular about the amount of settlement. We believe the best way to achieve a good settlement for our client is to thoroughly prepare the case and be ready to go to trial. You may want to ask any lawyer you interview, “How many cases have you tried in court?” Results can vary from case to case, but recently our firm represented a client who had been offered only $8,500 to settle her case we she came to us. Ultimately, she was awarded a total recovery of $250,000.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice cases are perhaps the most difficult of personal injury cases. There are several reasons for this, one being that you must rely on the opinions of doctors to prove your case against other doctors.  Under the guise of “Tort Reform,” the legislature has distorted the law in recent years to make it more difficult for injured patients and their families in NC to obtain justice.  You’ve probably heard the claim that tort reform was needed to stop frivolous cases, but that is a myth designed to boost profits for the insurance compaines and give special treatment to health care providers. The truth is, we would never want a “frivolous” case.  The huge investment of time and money in a medical malpractice case is a sufficient barrier against filing a worthless case.  We have tried various cases arising from traumatic brain injury, birth injury, paralysis, and other debilitating injuries and death.  We also have obtained a number of confidential settlements for our clients.

Bicycle Injury Cases

Two of our attorneys are active cyclists, one a former racer. We know the prejudices against cyclists that must be overcome to successfully prosecute a case.  We have obtained substantial recoveries in numerous cases of serious injury and death to cyclists resulting from careless and negligent motorists.

Tractor-Trailer and Trucking Accidents, Crashes, and Collisions

Early involvement is often a key to successful representation of the victim of a trucking accident.  The trucking company and its insurance company and attorneys will be involved and documenting their position within hours of a serious accident.  Knowing what evidence to seek, and what evidence should be preserved, can make the difference between a modest recovery and a major recovery for the victim.  We have prosecuted trucking cases for more than twenty years, with a track record of substantial recoveries.  Many of these cases have involved bitterly contested liability defenses, and difficult injuries, including brain injury.