Mediation and arbitration are alternative ways to resolve your dispute without going to trial.  Mediation is a settlement conference where the parties attempt to voluntarily settle their case with the help of a mediator. Fred Barbour and Scott Jones are certified mediators, and have been selected by lawyers to assist other parties by serving as mediator.  They have mediated complex business disputes, insurance claims, medical malpractice cases, real estate, condemnation, and land boundary matters, auto accident, truck accident and other vehicle cases involving personal injury, business dissolutions, and almost every other type of case litigated in the state and federal courts in North Carolina.  This experience gives the lawyers in the firm insight into what works, and what doesn’t, in moving disputes toward successful resolution.

Arbitration is a less formal hearing than trial, and often saves time and money over traditional litigation.  The arbitrator (or panel of arbitrators) decides the case on the evidence presented and the law. Fred Barbour has served as arbitrators in a number of cases, making the determination of liability and damages for the parties in cases involving business and personal injury. All firm lawyers have successfully represented parties in numerous mediation and arbitration proceedings.