When an insurance company denies your claim, you know the insurance company will be represented by its team of lawyers. Our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to help you fight the insurance company and protect your rights.

Insurance covers a broad area, and we have handled automobile claims, fire claims, disability and life insurance claims, and claims under commercial (or business) insurance. A majority of our attorneys previously have done “insurance defense work” which means representing the insurance companies directly or being hired to defend their policyholders. However, we now offer our experience and knowledge to represent persons who have claims against insurance companies, whether it is settling a serious automobile claim or fighting a denial of coverage on fire loss.  Recently, we obtained significant arbitration awards in automobile cases, and a reached a settlement for a restaurant business in a lawsuit against its insurance company after the insurance company denied coverage for losses resulting from a building collapse. Let us know if we can help with your insurance claim, whatever it may be.