• Inheritance
  • Family disputes over wills and property
  • Will caveats

Sometimes when people die, there are disagreements among those still alive over the dead person’s assets.  Unfortunately, some of those disputes are not worked out and can end up in a lawsuit or claims against the estate.  When the disagreements are headed in that direction, we can help.  We have handled many such disputes, helping resolve most before a trial is necessary, but taking others to trial when the other side wasn’t reasonable.

Attorneys’ fees often are payable from the estate in these cases.  While this may ease the burden of paying for legal representation, it can also reduce the estate that is in dispute.  This is particularly true when multiple parties are arguing over settlement of an estate—each party’s attorney may be awarded attorneys’ fees from the estate.  We can provide effective and efficient representation to increase the odds of a favorable outcome without unnecessarily depleting the estate.