Class Certification Granted in Trooper Pay Case

Judge Michael O’Foghludha granted the Plaintiffs’ motion for class certification in a case filed on behalf of North Carolina State Troopers who did not receive step raises as promised beginning in 2009.  The Court’s order, filed August 18, 2015, recognizes a class of all Troopers employed by the State of North Carolina at any time between July 1, 2009 and the present who had not reached “top pay” or “top base pay” for Troopers on July 1, 2009.

Approximately 800 Troopers are members of the class.  The Court appointed Fred Barbour and Scott Jones as co-counsel for the class, and also appointed them as class administrators.

The lawsuit was filed in 2014 by Cloninger, Barbour, Searson and Jones, PLLC, and co-counsel, and seeks back pay for the Troopers from the State of North Carolina.  The firm and co-counsel also represent a class of North Carolina Magistrates who seek pay they were promised but have not received.